Bomarzo Madness

In her own words ~

“From a group of photographs sent by a friend in 1992, I created a small book entitledThe Cry from Bomarzo, relating its images to the use of language and communication. Then I more or less forgot it. Now at this late date the theme of this strange place has presented itself in new light, new form, new information, all relating my early work to that done at present.

 I did not myself realize that I share the ‘Bomarzian madness’ with such figures as Jean Cocteau, Andre Breton, Salvador Dali, early Dutch painters and present day scholars from many countries. So there it is — where the surrealistic meets the classic, in art, architecture, music, literature, and more in the year 2000.”

Paula Hocks

Bomarzo project materials in showcase, seen with photographs.
Gallery view with Bomarzo photos and showcase.

More Barmarzo photos and study materials collected/created by Hocks.

Hocks’ Bomarzo project photographs are now in the permanent collection of the Jonson Gallery, University of New Mexico.

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